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From my vision, you are highly talented in taking the pictures of the nature. And I like your approach to the natures colour contrast and the focuses. The photos are looking so professional. Best of luck for your future works my friend.
Jan Willms(non-registered)
Some exceptional photos. I also like your words about what you have learned.....
Maggi Keith(non-registered)
Nice images, Roger. An interesting blog as well. I'm also a Grisham fan.
Laszlo Sarkozi(non-registered)
Roger, I enjoy your photography very much.
Keith Avise(non-registered)
You have, in addition to the technical tools, a critical eye! Beautiful pics, Roger.
Mary Bertelson(non-registered)
Just beautiful. I love the statue of the Mother and child where it looks like the mother is crying.
Erin Lorenz(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures Roger. My favorites are the ?Pampas Grass (the tall grass with the white heads waving in the breeze), and the stones with water running over them:)
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