Photos of the Week - Return to Wood Lake

May 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I enjoyed my first trip to Wood Lake in April (here: so much that I decided to return last weekend to see what the place was like now that it is really springtime.  It was actually somewhat surprising.  I didn't notice a lot in the way of wildflowers or interesting trees.  In fact, what I ended up shooting was pretty much the same subjects as my last visit.  But in some ways I got much luckier.

Female Red-Winged BlackbirdFemale Red-Winged BlackbirdClick to Purchase

Female Red-Winged BlackbirdFemale Red-Winged BlackbirdClick to Purchase

These two birds actually caused me a bit of annoyance; not to shoot, but because I couldn't identify them.  I checked through all the swallows in my bird book, but couldn't figure out which one they were.  Turns out there's a good reason I couldn't figure it out.  They are actually female red-winged blackbirds.

Great Blue HeronGreat Blue HeronClick to Purchase

I spotted this Great Blue Heron on across a small channel.  It didn't seem to be calling and I didn't see a second one, so I have no idea why it was posing in this fashion.

MuskratMuskratClick to Purchase

My last visit to Wood Lake included my first photo of a muskrat.  I like the way this one looks, dragging a stick or reed.  I especially like the way the water ripples around it.

MuskratMuskratClick to Purchase

What was really cool, though, was when this muskrat swam onto the shore next to me.  It took some maneuvering to get a clear shot of the face, but well worth it.

Wood DuckWood DuckClick to Purchase

Finally, this was my first wood duck sighting of the year.  It always makes my day when I can get a shot of one.


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