Photos of the Week - Wood Lake

April 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A month or so ago someone posted a notice on Facebook about a photography walk/shoot at Wood Lake in Bloomington.  There were several reasons why I wanted to join this.  First, I haven't done much shooting this year because the weather is still chancy (that day, though, was gorgeous).  Second, I'd never been to Wood Lake, and finding a new place to shoot is always worth the time and effort.  Finally, photographers are fun people to hang out with and excursions with other photographers are always a good experience since they may spot something you didn't or have ideas on how to approach a subject that never occurred to you.

So, here are some of the images that I managed to capture.

MallardsMallardsClick to Purchase

Mallards are so ubiquitous that I generally skip them as a photo subject.  This pair, though, really attracted me because of the highly saturated green in the head, brighter than I've seen for a while.

Red-Winged BlackbirdRed-Winged BlackbirdClick to Purchase

Red-Winged Blackbirds are another VERY common bird, but I liked the pose on this, coupled with the fact that it was calling to others to let them know we were around and taking pictures.

Canada GeeseCanada GeeseClick to Purchase

I love trying to capture birds on the wing, but rarely get a successful shot.  This one was one of the best I've managed.

MuskratMuskratClick to Purchase

My first ever muskrat.  Well, technically I had seen others earlier in the day, but this one was much closer and ultimately a better shot.  I had not idea they are that big.

Painted TurtlePainted TurtleClick to Purchase

For some reason, I haven't seen a lot of painted turtles in recent years.  That day there were lots (including babies).  This is the best painted turtle shot I've ever gotten.  The lower angle shows makes it obvious why they got their name.


It was a really fun park to visit and one that I'll have to get back to throughout the year.  I can foresee lots of different photo opportunities and can't wait to take advantage of them.


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