Photos of the Week - Catching Up

August 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Sorry it has been so long since I posted anything.  The reason is fairly simple; I haven't really had anything worth posting about.  I've not done a ton of shooting this summer, and what I have done hasn't had a whole heck of a lot that's worth sharing.  In fact, I did start one blog post about dealing with failure, but the subject failed to move me (pun intended, but still true).

So, here's a couple that I am happy with.

Click to PurchaseFlamingos

I went to the Como Zoo almost two months ago in order to check out the butterfly exhibit there (I haven't processed the butterfly shots yet but I think some turned out pretty decent).  While wandering around I noticed these flamingos resting off in the pond.  I liked the way they became almost abstract shapes due to the way they were standing.

Click to PurchaseOrangutan

I also liked this orangutan.  They have the most expressive faces (or poses).

Click to PurchaseDead Tree

Finally, here's the newest addition to my Dead Tree/Stump/Branches project.  Besides the large arch formed by the tree, I found it quite interesting that the only bit still remaining was bark (and such a large piece, well over 10 feet).


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