Photos of the Week - Still Stumped

May 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I'm catching up here on some photos from a couple of weeks ago.

In this case, I've been expanding my collection of photos of tree stumps.  I mentioned before (last fall, I think) how fascinating and inspirational I find tree stumps.  They combine feelings of death and rebirth, reality and abstraction. 

And, they're a challenge to capture in a way that does them justice.

StumpStumpClick to purchase

I like the way the roots stick out, giving it an interesting shape.  Throw in the plants growing inside and you get the cycle of life.

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Here's an abstract, and it is an unaltered detail of the stump.  I love the shapes, colors and textures.

Broken RingsBroken RingsClick to purchase

Broken RingsBroken RingsClick to purchase.

This is a macro image of a tree branch that is falling apart.  The rings are slowly separating in an interesting way.  Works decently in both color and black and white.


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