Photos of the Week - Getting the Shot

May 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When it comes right down to it, there are basically 2 approaches to field photography; you can plan your experience or just wing it.

A couple weeks ago, I knew exactly what I wanted to capture.  I had seen a really interesting tree stump a day or two before, but the shots I captured that day were utter garbage.  So, I resolved to go back and get some good ones.  One of the issues I had noticed in the previous set was that they weren't as sharp as I wanted, so I knew that this time I'd have to bring a tripod.  The question was then what type of lenses I'd need.  I always take my 100-400 lens since it lets me get close-in to a subject from a distance, meaning that I could control the depth of field in the background if necessary.  I also wanted my macro lens so I could get closer and sharper images if they seemed to work better.  Finally, I made sure to bring my remote shutter release to reduce the chance of camera shake.

So, I went out to capture the shots I wanted.  Here are the best of those.  I'll also note that the preparation helped in an unexpected way.  It was a fairly nice, sunny day out and the tree ended up being much brighter than I liked.  I found that I could cast a shadow over everything if I stood in the right place.  Using the remote shutter control meant that I could do this and still capture the image with ease.

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That's not my typical way of shooting.  Normally I just go out somewhere and see what is interesting.  A week or two ago I was out at the Arboretum to wander around and see what wildflowers are out.  No plans.  Just an excuse to go for a walk and, if I got lucky, capture some images that I liked.

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This last one was interesting.  I was sitting on a bench by a fountain, relaxing in the shade after walking around for an hour or two in the hot sun.  All around the fountain are tulips.  It was just a nice feeling.  And then I noticed that I could see some tulips through the water falling in the fountain.  I was intrigued by the possibility and took several.  You can't really see the water in the final image, but that is what is causing the softness in the flowers.  It may not be the most successful experiment of mine, but it was a nice way to end the day, and certainly not something I could have planned for.

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