Photo of the Week - Sign of Spring

March 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This past weekend started feeling like Spring.  It was warm.  The sun was shining.  So, I decided to go for a walk around Lake Calhoun.  And, of course, I took a camera with me because I've gotten lots of surprise shots there, especially in early spring.

This time, not so much.  There weren't a lot of birds around yet (a couple of mallards, fewer crows and gull or two).  The lake was still mostly icebound, but no wind to cause shelving (which, by the way, makes an incredibly fun tinkling sound).

But, there were some spaces of open water.  One of those definite signs that Spring really is almost here.

The below image is my favorite one from this weekend.  I like how the opening looks like a river in the lake.  And, if you look closer, you can see how the ice actually is two pieces that formerly were one.  The slow separation between seasons.

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