Photos of the Week - Pithy Titles

January 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have problems thinking up titles for my photos.  Most of the time, I just use a title that tells you what you are looking at (so an image of a tiger swallowtail butterfly is titled "Tiger Swallowtail").  Sometimes, though, that doesn't work well.  Some photos need an interesting, memorable, pithy title.

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The above image was easy, for some reason.  I like the dreamy feel of the moon in the clouds.  I've always wished I could go into space/walk on the moon.  So, I called the photo "Dreams".

Click to PurchaseOcular ReflectivityThis is a straight photo.I remember seeing several drawings or etchings that showed images in the eye (like a skull symbolizing the person seeing their own death). I was curious if I could capture something similarly in a photograph. This is the result.It's amazing how reflective eyes actually are, isn't it.

This one is descriptive in a pithy way.  "Eye Reflection" would be boring, so I named it "Ocular Reflectivity", which says the same thing in a more interesting way.

The next several, though, don't have names and I think they need one.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

Click to purchasedog on beachBlack dog sitting on a sand dune.

I'm thinking maybe "Canine Beachcomber" for this, but would welcome something more interesting.

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I use this on my business cards, but have no idea what to call it.  And, since I don't know what type of bird it is, I can't even go for something simple.

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This one has lots of elements, from the view of Minneapolis, taken at Lake of the Isles, and the Canadian Geese.  How to combine them all, though, has eluded me.


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