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Photos of the Week - Happy Accidents

August 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I decided to go visit Fort Snelling last weekend.  While I have been to the lower section by the airport (with the barracks, officers houses, polo fields, etc.), I had never been to the fort proper before.  Plus, they were having a Civil War weekend, complete with over 200 recreationists demonstrating all kinds of period drills and activities.  While I got some shots I'm very pleased with (and will discuss/share next week), it is the couple below that, in some ways, I'm even happier about.

In general, I like my photos sharp, at least somewhere in the image.  Selective focus, of course, can lead to portions of the image being out of focus (generally a blurry foreground or background).  Then there are the shots where I've intentionally done something to make the image more abstract.  A lot of the time this involves rotating or moving the camera to cause streaks and blurs.

And then there are ones like these.  The ones that are purly accidents.  The ones you composed just like you wanted but, for some reason, the camera wasn't still when you clicked the shutter.  I love these.  They have a painted, impressionist quality to them that transcends both painting and photography.  They are sharp enough that you can get all the details, but at the same time, there is a motion or life to them caused by the camera shaking or moving that tiny bit.  Put them on canvas, or watercolor paper, or anything that has an inherent texture, and they would come to life even more.

I just wish I knew how to do this intentionally.

Click to PurchaseFort Snelling painted soldiers

Click to PurchaseFort Snelling painted soldiers


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